Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Why Dismantling The Myth Of Fame Is Important

Watch out for that deadly trap called "Nobody loves me"

Haha, I knew from the start that there would be such a comment on Adam's Bo Rhap rendition on Chatty Man. Part of me enjoyed reading it, but I took the risk to reply because sometimes I feel that Freddie Mercury is being transformed into some kind of religion, which is quite bad news. To be clear here: not because of an otherwise monotheistic ideal on my part (I don't have that*, since I happen to know the original story behind it: a story about Fame, as it turns out), but because his humanity then gets misplaced. His true heroism gets misinterpreted, which only leads to promoting the System of injustice and imbalance on so many levels.

You see, Freddie was not this grand liberated being come down from the skies (System) to save everyone with his grand concept of how things should be. He was instead a very open and loving human being who learned a great deal during his life, about the truth behind the myths surrounding his own religion and the religions of others (that for example a lot of things were promoted to justify slavery in the old days). He then proceeded to liberate himself, his own mind first, from the effects of negative experiences, which hold people's minds in a cage of illusion - and shared his findings enthusiastically, making much magic along the way. That is who a hero truly is. Likewise, that is who a brilliant genius is: someone who is not separate in his own head.

Freddie Mercury hated elitism, and didn't want anyone to feel left out. He is not "a hero because he made lots of money", it's preposterous to hold such attachment to anyone's fame! So while I love researching the vision whereby he is more like a Saint (according to the true Magic Tradition), and I have been working to counteract the negative image that's been created of him over time, we all have to be very careful not to let our 'success' be a cover for how negative we feel inside! Because that's how oppression works: you project your own guilt and shame into a restrictive framework, and you attempt to cast that net over anyone who might act from a freer place. Every iconic image has its match, however, no matter how 'serious' you deem it to be, every spell cast is eventually dismantled (even the National Anthem). It just takes the right person and the right 'Fun' to do it.        

"...often takes more than just courage, or even fame."
From "INNUENDOES with Queen & Freddie Mercury"
S.V. Livingstone, 1998

* Bismillah means, according to my research, "In the name of the Perfect Human Being" in the true tradition, which coincidentally is Persian (Magic).
"Makes one wonder what the perfect human being would be like, other than to say the perfect human being is a representative of Love Divine, and as such, very personal to each individual." (S.V.L.)

Friday, 20 May 2016

Liking Triangles pt. I: "Mad World" in Milan

This Tears For Fears song was part of an ad campaign in New Zealand well a few years before American Idol season 8 (where Adam got a standing ovation from the judges, even from the "industry" guy Simon) - I don't remember exactly for what the campaign was, something like "Don't drink and drive"? It had been claiming a lot of lives recently (including those of children who had nothing to do with driving), in an otherwise idyllic setting. People were also struggling with the influence of "P" (methamphetamine) which had been their initial solution for appearing like they were on top of their game, socially or at work (this is how it was explained). It struck me, about these pastimes, that the typical suburban veneer seemed to be cracking. No-one was as happy as they pretended to be, and this was something I knew from a very early age (around the time I started going to school, when I decided to show everyone "my stuff" about fairy tales, wonder, and the relationship Butterfly & Cricket had in the library book: "Seriously, you're telling me you cannot feel this? Just read the words!" - lol). 
I too struggled with depression, so when I heard that song, I thought "Whoaaa... what is that, and WHO is that?" - but simply by attaching the songwriters to the song afterwards, I wasn't satisfied - which prompted me to forget about it quite fast.

But then came American Idol (I didn't catch it, as I was already back in Romania - I only caught Brian May talking about participating in an episode, and being conflicted about the purpose of the show while at the same time defending the contestants themselves), so I'll tell you something else I remember: again, around the same time as that Mad World ad campaign, I went headlong into a fashion addiction which was really starting to cause problems for me - so I analyzed it: "What is this, what's going on with me? It's not really me, or my love; more like fantasy... but at the same time, it's about expressing something. So in that way, it's good, and I'll continue, see what happens"...

2006 - thinking about which style to go for  
when going to see WWRY London with friends.

Okay, problem solved!!! :D Romanian roots, there. ;)
grin emoticonRomanian roots wink emoticon
"The Dreams" were a big part, too, because it was through dreams that I learned something important about what was causing my depression: suppressed information being reversed by Hollywood, etc.

Close representations of a dream from 2006 (which I misunderstood back then):
Artwork: "Gollum" by Nosurprises (deviantart)
Dark spiral staircase: Vatican Museum & the Tarot Wells, Portugal (cool, huh!)
It was then that I started to wear the triangle with a hollow circle in the middle - a pendant made by a New Zealand artist - to symbolize this knowledge. I said to myself it symbolizes "Bliss, or the real Atlantis" (the cultural branch which had luckily escaped racist training by "High Elves"), but I had no idea about alternative research which had "Atlantis" translated as "Bliss" (always funny when that happens!). I just knew that this symbol was special and I had to hang onto it if my idea about Atlantis was true: that it represented True Love.

I love when he goes into the androgynous voice - I'll probably write about that separately...
Looking at the Original High symbol on the drum set (Alcatraz, Milan)
Quite amusing, too: one of my colleagues from Landscaping (he's from Buzau, hehe) asked me "Illuminati?" with a smile, when he first saw my pendant around 2011. But we both laughed, since he also disbelieves the theory. He's a fantastic doodle artist, and keeps sending me things like this: "That's right! A girl solved a math problem. You know what this means! She must be a witch! Witch!" (Aww, thanks man! I needed that.)   

I also loved dressing up as a kid - an example, "His sign: a silver bullet! His name: THE LONE RANGER!!!" lol (the masked Lone Ranger). The intro of that cartoon is typical bull-poo about brave pioneers conquering America; but from the perspective of having a character who is forced to go "outlaw" to stay real (likewise a Romanian reference: the Pelasgian Rangers or "Peleg" in the Bible), it does suggest how things from the original Project were lost during the American conquest. Dark forces took over early on, which makes it quite interesting about the arch-enemy on these sci-fi, supernatural, steampunk Wild West adventures: he's called "Tiny Tom[boy...]" or "Dr. Miguelito Loveless" - oh, hahahahaha!... Dr. Miguelito-Lucy, are you on this out there? :D
Oh yes! She says love is the only thing that makes you truly rich, and that the trick is "Don't hang on to mistakes you've made just because you've been making them a long time". :)))
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